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Conference | Conversation Wheel

All ages


Free admission

10 Sep ∙ Saturday ∙ 11:00 am

Sesc Santos (Theater)
R. Conselheiro Ribas, 136 - Aparecida, Santos - SP
  • LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language)


Free entrance (ticket distribution at the Sesc box office 1 hour in advance).
Simultaneous translation Português / Español

As evidenced in the artistic and pedagogical program, this edition of MIRADA has a critical and political character, a necessity that the historical moment imposes on us. Thus, the opening conference of training and reflective activities will be held by one of the most fruitful and active names of the human sciences in the contemporary world so that the multiple topics addressed, from the decolonial point of view, can be thought of broadly and profoundly.

With Djamila Ribeiro.


Djamila has a master’s degree in Political Philosophy from the Federal University of São Paulo. She is the coordinator of the Sueli Carneiro Label and the Plural Feminisms Collection. She is the author of the books “Lugar de Fala” (Place of Conversation), by Sueli Carneiro/Pólen Livros, “Quem tem medo do Feminismo Negro?andPequeno manual antirracista, “Cartas para Minha Avó“, by Companhia das Letras. She is also a columnist for Folha de S. Paulo newspaper and ELLE Brasil magazine. She was Deputy Secretary of Human Rights of São Paulo in 2016. In 2020, she founded the anti-racist and feminist education platform Feminismos Plurais.

Laureate in 2019 with the Prince Claus Award, granted by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and considered by the BBC as one of the 100 most influential women in the world. In 2021, she was the first Brazilian to receive the BET International Global Good Award 2021, given to public figures that defend social change initiatives.