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Conversation Wheel

All ages


Free admission

10 Sep ∙ Saturday ∙ 3:00 pm

Sesc Santos
R. Conselheiro Ribas, 136 - Aparecida, Santos - SP
  • LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language)


Simultaneous translation Português / Español

The paths of decoloniality in the art are the motto of this debate between Lindolfo Amaral, from “Mar de Fitas Nau de Ilusão”; Davi Guimarães, from “CÁRCERE ou Porque as Mulheres Viram Búfalos”; Nixon García Sabando, from “QUIMERA”; Jorge Baldeón, from “Discurso de Promoción”; Geni Nuñez e Harry de Castro. Do we recognize any progress? Do the works in this edition have reverberation in their representations? How to think about decoloniality with Portugal, our “colonizer,” the country honored this year? In a covalent bond, an affective provocation for a structuring issue. Mediation: Dione Carlos.


has been an actor and teacher at Grupo Imbuaça since 1978, in Aracaju (SE). He studied at Cuba’s International School of Theater of Latin America and the Caribbean. He completed a master’s degree (2005) and a doctorate (2013) in performing arts from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). Author of the book “A Presença do Cordel na Dramaturgia Brasileira” (2021), the result of his doctorate.


an actor graduated in advertising production from the University of the City of São Paulo (Unicid). He participated in shows by the groups Teatro do InCêndio and Cia PessoaL do Faroeste before definitively joining the Companhia de Teatro Heliópolis in 2013. With the play “(IN) JUSTIÇA” (2019), he received the award for best actor at the 4th FESTKAOS Theater Festival in Cubatão. In addition to being an actor at Heliópolis, he works in production and directing assistance.


linked to Cultural Yuyachkani Group since the 90s. He participates in pedagogical experiences with communities and theatrical creations, especially in the plastic and performative field. His practices are related to interdisciplinary platforms and collectives that reflect on his surroundings through a non-hegemonic, anti-colonial and feminist perspective. Since 2007, co-founder and co-director of the cultural association elgalpon.espacio, in Lima.


degree in political and social sciences. Master in Advanced Theater Studies. Former professor at the Faculty of Educational Sciences – Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí. Actor, director, playwright, and cultural manager with 39 years of experience. Director of the theater group and foundation La Trinchera, from Manta, Ecuador. Founding director of the International Theater Festival of Manta.


Indigenous activist, psychologist, and writer. Master’s in social psychology and Ph.D. from the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program in Human Sciences (UFSC). She is a member of the Brazilian Articulation of Indigenous Psychologists (ABIPSI) and co-assistant of the Guarani Yvyrupa Commission.


artist, activist, and samba dancer. He is a singer, actor, dancer, Brazilian music researcher, artistic director, curator, and cultural articulator. He has 21 years of experience in the field of arts. Since 2014, he has been part of Cia. Teatro da Investigação (CTI). Also, since 2017, he has been a cultural organizer of the black collective Terça Afro.


playwright, screenwriter, actress, and curator. She has written 27 plays staged in Brazil and abroad, by groups such as Cia Capulanas de Arte Negra, Cia Livre, Coletivo Legítima Defesa and Companhia de Teatro Heliópolis. She created scripts for several TV channels and currently works at Rede Globo.